Jam Heart Sandwich Cookies

These cute heart shaped cookies are a Valentines Day Special treat. They are sandwiched together with homemade strawberry jam and dusted with confectioners sugar.
  • Passive
    30 minutes
  • Prep
    20 minutes
  • Cook
    1 Hour
  • Servings
    15 People


  • Fresh Strawberry Jam (homemade or ready made)
  • Cookie dough (as required)
  • Confectioners or icing sugar (as required for dusting )


  • 1 Wash the strawberries. Remove green stem from them. Chop them. (If your preparing jam at home)
  • 2 Cook the strawberry jam if using homemade. (See recipe notes below for jam recipe link). Cool the jam completely.
  • 3 Prepare cookie dough as per recipe in the link below.
  • 4 Roll and cut out hearts using a heart shaped cookie cutter, also cut out hearts with a small cookie heart shaped cookie cutter to form a window on the cookies. Bake as per recipe.
  • 5 Cool completely.
  • 6 Fill with jam.
  • 7 Cover with the cookie with the heart window. Dust with confectioners sugar on top.
  • 8 Enjoy the cookies !!! Happy Valentines Day in advance to all the viewers!!!

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