Mangaad (Goan Mango Jam)

Mangaad is the Goan name for mango jam. Mangaad is prepared in almost every Goan home during mango season. Mango jam is sweet and delicious. It can be eaten with bread at breakfast, as a snack, or as a dessert topping.
  • Passive
    0 minutes
  • Prep
    10 minutes
  • Cook
    40 minutes
  • Servings
    12 People


  • 4 large Ripe Mangoes
  • 3/4 cup Granulated white sugar
  • 1 tsp Lemon juice
  • Pinch Salt


  • 1 Wash the mangoes. (Mostly mussarad mangoes are used to make this jam, but since mussarad are not available here in The US, i have used the ones available here).
  • 2 Remove the pulp and mash the pulp using your hands. (If you want your jam to be of a very smooth consistency, then grind the pulp in a mixer grinder to form a mango puree and then proceed).
  • 3 In a non stick pan, add the pulp along with the lemon juice. Keep on a low flame and allow most of the moisture from the mango pulp to evaporate. (Keep stirring at regular intervals).
  • 4 After about 25 minutes, the pulp gets thicker. Add in the sugar at this stage. (I started adding 1/4 cup sugar, after 2-3 minutes, tasted the mixture , if required more sugar, I added additional 1/2 cup sugar... that's in total a little less than 3/4 cup sugar) Add sugar as per the sweetness you desire and also depends on the sweetness of the mangoes. Add a pinch of salt.
  • 5 Now, the mixture will start getting to thicken. Make sure, from this stage onward keep stirring the mixture continuously.
  • 6 After about 30 minutes, this is how the jam looked like. It had a dropping consistency which means that your jam isn't ready as yet.
  • 7 after 40 minutes , it got the right consistency. The jam should not drop from the spatula.
  • 8 Mangaad is now ready.
  • 9 Store in a glass jar. Enjoy !!! (See recipe notes below).

Recipe Notes

Some people do like using a piece of cinnamon stick during the cooking process for t hat extra flavor. (For the above quantity , you can add 1/2 inch cinnamon stick to the mango pulp and continue with the process).

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