Perad (Guava Cheese / Goiabada)

Guava cheese is a classic Goan sweet made at Christmas time. Guava cheese is also known as Perad in Goa and Goiabada in Portuguese. Almost all houses have a guava tree in their backyards. So when guavas are abundant and getting over ripe, perad is prepared from them. Perad has a chewy texture and a hint of pleasant sourness.
  • Passive
    2 Hours
  • Prep
    30 minutes
  • Cook
    45 minutes
  • Servings
    20 people


  • 500 grams Ripe Guavas
  • 400 grams Granulated white sugar
  • 1/2 Lime (Juice)
  • 1 tbsp Butter


  • 1 Boil the Guavas.
  • 2 Slice the guavas.
  • 3 Remove pulp part from guavas and keep them aside.
  • 4 Grind the reaming part of the guavas in a mixer grinder. Form a puree.
  • 5 Grind the pulp of guavas for few seconds. Strain the pulp and seed mixtures.
  • 6 In a vessel, add this puree and keep stirring till it comes to a boil. Add sugar and keep stirring till it starts to change color. Add lime juice at this stage. Keep stirring it changes to dark brown color, add butter. Remove it on a greased plate.
  • 7 Allow to cool mid-way through. Cut into diamond shapes. Cool completely.

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