Shevyo(Rice Noodles)

Shevyo are Goan rice noodles served along with coconut and jaggery mixture (called chunn) mostly at evening tea time. Some people prefer shevyo in a coconut milk and jaggery sauce mixture.
  • Passive
    24 hours
  • Prep
    20-30 minutes
  • Cook
    45 minutes
  • Servings
    20 People


For the Shevyo:-
  • 500 grams Rice (Goan par boiled rice (ukade rice) which is unpolished rice.)
  • 2 tsp Salt
For the Coconut & Jaggery mixture:-
  • 4 cup Shredded fresh coconut
  • 2 cup Jaggery (Mix palm and cane jaggery)
  • 4 tsp cardamom powder


Prepare the Shevyo:-
  • 1 Wash the rice. Soak the rice overnight.
  • 2 Next day, grind the rice with sufficient water to make a smooth free flowing batter. Add salt. Mix well.
  • 3 Pour the batter in small utensils used for steaming.
  • 4 Steam for 10 minutes. Rice cakes are now ready.
  • 5 Remove the rice cakes from the steamer. Place the rice cakes in the shevyo machine. (See recipe notes below).
  • 6 Roll and press the machine to make the rice noodles with the help of a plate underneath the machine. (Press while the rice cakes are hot). Keep the shevyo aside.
Prepare the Coconut & Jaggery mixture:-
  • 7 Cut the jaggery into pieces.
  • 8 Mix coconut and jaggery pieces along with 1/4 cup water.
  • 9 Cook on low flame till jaggery melts. Mix the coconut and jaggery well. Add cardamom powder. Keep aside.
To Serve:-
  • 10 Serve the rice noodles with the coconut and jaggery mixture. Enjoy!!!

Recipe Notes

You can use a sev maker(pressing machine) for making these rice noodles.

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