Squids / Mussels(Xinnaneo) Pickle

Squid / Mussels pickle is Goan pickled seafood which is a Goan delicacy. Pickle (fish, prawn, seafood, meat) has to be spicy, sweet and tangy at the same time. It is usually had as a pickle along with rice and curry. Try this squids / mussles pickle , try it alone as a squid or mussel pickle or a combination of the two! Either way, all three taste really good.
  • Passive
    24 hours
  • Prep
    1 hour
  • Cook
    90 minutes
  • Servings
    20 People


  • 1/4 kilogram Squids (see recipe notes below)
  • 1/4 kilogram Mussels (weight after cleaning, see recipe notes below)
  • Ground Masala Paste (see recipe notes for pork pickle link )


  • 1 Wash squids.
  • 2 Clean the squids.
  • 3 Wash the mussels.
  • 4 Clean the mussels .(See recipe link below on how to clean mussles).
  • 5 Cut thin rings of the squids. Apply salt and turmeric powder to squid rings, keep aside for 30 minutes.
  • 6 Apply salt and turmeric powder to mussels, keep aside for 30 minutes.
  • 7 Deep fry the squids to remove all the moisture from them.
  • 8 Deep fry the mussels to remove all the moisture from them. These will shrink a lot after deep frying them.
  • 9 Soak deep fried squids / mussles in vinegar for at least 1 hour. (I keep it overnight) .
  • 10 Next day, prepare the masala. as per the recipe. (See recipe notes below for recipe link to pork pickle).
  • 11 Fry the masala as per the pork pickle recipe. (See recipe notes below).
  • 12 Add in the deep fried squids / mussels.
  • 13 Cook in masla as per the pork pickle recipe instructions.
  • 14 Store in glass jar. (Stays good for 6 months at room temperature). Let this pickle mature for at least 2 weeks, i matured my squid and mussel pickle for 4 weeks before serving.

Recipe Notes

  • Use 500 grams squids if making squid pickle only.
  • Use 500¬†grams cleaned mussels if making squid pickle only.
  • Use 250 grams squids and 250 grams mussels, if making a pickle of ¬†combination of the two. (tastes really awesome).
  • Click here for Pork Pickle Recipe, for ground masala paste.
  • How to Clean Mussels, click here.
  • Besides the ingredients mentioned above, please refer to pork pickle for rest of the ingredients leaving pork meat aside.
  • Unlike pork pickle, you can skip the onions and curry leaves in the seafood pickle.

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