How To Clean Crabs

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  • Crabs


  • 1 Wash the crabs. Break off and discard the crab legs.
  • 2 Separate the crab from the crab claws.
  • 3 Take the crab and pull off the triangular shell on the bottom of the crab.
  • 4 You will get a gap now between the body and shell of the crab.
  • 5 Separate the shell from the body of crab.
  • 6 Remove and discard the soft feathery stuff that you see.
  • 7 The left side still has and the right side feathery stuff has been discarded.
  • 8 Now the crab is clean and almost ready.
  • 9 Break the crab body into half.
  • 10 Broken into half.
  • 11 Now, you have the crab body and crab claws. Cook as desired. (See recipe notes below for crab recipe links).

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