How to Clean Mussels (Xinaneao)

‘Mussels in Goa are referred to as ‘Xinaneao’. Mussels are a delicacy in Goa. You can cook them in different ways. This guide shows you how to clean fresh mussels. Mussel dishes are served in almost all Goan restaurants and shacks.
  • Passive
    0 minutes
  • Prep
    15 minutes
  • Cook
    2 minutes
  • Servings
    30 Pc.


  • 30 Fresh Mussels


  • 1 Wash mussels well. Discard any mussels that you see are opened or cracked or chipped off. Retain only those mussels that are tightly closed.
  • 2 Boil little water. Add the mussels to boiling water.
  • 3 Within few seconds you will see the mussel shells opening. One by one remove start removing mussels that are opening.
  • 4 Drain all water and keep opened mussels in their shells aside in a bowl.
  • 5 Open up the shells. Most mussels have a 'beard' also known as 'byssal'(Byssal, or byssus threads are strong, silky fibers made from proteins that are used by mussels and other bivalves to attach to rocks). Remove these beards from the mussel.
  • 6 Keep mussel meat in one half of the shell(if you are cooking mussels along with half shells) OR using the other half of the shell, scoop out the mussel meat from the shell.
  • 7 Collect all mussel meat in a bowl. (See Recipe Notes below for Recipes on cooking Mussels).

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